Fifty years

S.J. Frederick & Sons

The Frederick family has been farming since the early 1800’s and has been at Temple Farm since 1937. Over the years the farming business evolved from a traditional mixed farm to one that has been specialising in the traditional and seasonal production of free-range, slow-grown, Christmas turkeys for over fifty years.

Bo and Charlie Frederick are the working partners of Temple Farm Turkeys and represent the third and fourth generation of the family producing the same bird that was sold locally, half a century ago. Subsequently over the past thirty years, our “succulent and tasty” bronze feathered free-range Christmas turkeys have built a fine reputation nationally.


As members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA), we only produce top quality “Golden Turkeys” raised in the old fashioned way, to their strict growing standards, being dry-plucked by hand and game-hung for at least seven days.

Temple Farm

Our 350 acre farm is on the edge of the attractive village of Roydon. We produce mainly milling types of winter wheat on 250 acres of arable land. The free-range Turkeys have 25 acres of grassland to enjoy.

Collecting your Turkey from our Farm ?