The assurance of great taste and quality from your Temple Farm Turkey

When you order a Temple Farm turkey for your Christmas dinner you can be sure of a delicious meal because we follow the growing standard set by the Traditional Farm fresh Turkey Association (TFTA) Quality Assurance Code.

This code guarantees that our turkeys are:

  • Reared and produced with the greatest care by independent farmers dedicated to the production of the finest truly Traditional Farm Fresh Turkeys and who are committed to this code.
  • Grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition.
  • Fattened on a natural diet high in cereals, with no animal protein and never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion.
  • Housed in buildings with natural light and ventilation, providing essential weather protection, with space at or better than the Animal Welfare

Code recommendations.

  • Always handled with extreme care by experienced staff under the personal supervision of the farmer.
  • Regularly bedded with comfortable straw or softwood shavings.
  • Grown in flocks that are independently inspected to ensure the code is met in full.
  • Slaughtered on the farm to avoid stress from long distance transportation.
  • Always dry plucked and hung for a minimum of seven days to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this traditional type of production.
  • The processing facilities are independently inspected to ensure that all legislation is fully complied with.
  • Each turkey is individually inspected and examined before qualifying for the Golden Promise guarantee to be affixed.
  • Each bird is supplied with a money-back commitment in the unlikely event of consumer dissatisfaction. This commitment is guaranteed by the TFTA.

Our free-range, slow-grown, Totally Traditional turkeys have, from the age of eight weeks, daytime access to natural vegetation in spacious open-air runs or fields.

This code of practice and quality guarantee applies only to Totally Traditional Turkeys produced by members of the TFTA.

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