Acknowledged as the world’s biggest and most credible food awards scheme, Great Taste – organised annually by the UK’s Guild of Fine Food – received 12,634 food and drink entries this year.

We were therefore delighted to have been one of the top 1.5% of products to have been deserving of their top 3-star award for 2018, and also to have our Whole Free-Range White Turkey nominated for the prestigious “Golden Fork” awards.

Only products which have achieved a 3 star award can be nominated for these coveted awards, and are judged in two further rounds by a team of independent judges at the Guild of Fine Food.


Temple Farm Turkeys have recently been awarded three prestigious Great Taste awards for our Christmas Turkeys. Below you can see the awards and read the judges notes on our, now award winning, turkeys.

Temple Farm Bronze Free-Range Turkey Crown

A sizeable, handsome, golden-skinned crown which carved beautifully.  A fair amount of subcutaneous fat has clearly contributed good moisture to the flesh.  The meat has great bite, yet is moist, and has excellent flavour.  The fat was delightful but the skin itself appeared to have some plastic taint in parts (an artificial almond note which may come from the fat).  Rather a lot of feather residue too.  We were veering towards two stars on the basis of breast meat alone, but the taint detected in fat and skin prevented our doing so.  However, we’re happy to grant a star on the basis of sound meat which carved well.

Temple Farm Bronze Free-Range Whole Turkey

A beautiful bird, nicely bronzed and with cooking instructions clearly producing a perfect roast. Richly aromatic, with pleasant rosemary notes mingling with those from the bird. Breast meat from the surface was slightly dry, quite resilient. Chunks of breast meat from near the bone were moist, still resilient, but flavourful. The brown meat from close to the carcase was succulent, that from the outer reaches of leg still tender, and flavoursome, not overly gamey. The golden skin was good and crisp, with pleasing richness to the subcutaneous fat. The skin was just a touch too quill-laden to please perfectly. Overall a great bird, delivering very satisfying flavours and textures.

Temple Farm White Free-Range Whole Turkey

A handsome, sizeable bird, with pale golden, crisp skin, and pleasingly aromatic. The bird carved well through firm white meat. Both outer breast meat and that from near the breast bone (inner fillet) proved delightful: not dry, pleasingly firm, and with excellent flavour. The brown meat was markedly tender and with just perfect flavour. The fat under the skin proved creamy, rich and flavourful. The juices were wonderful, just a tad salty but perfect with the white meat. We sampled the white meat cold and unsauced and were amazed by its quality. What a cracker, as one judge exclaimed! We’d all like this one on our Christmas tables.