Our quality turkeys are the result of years of experience, raising birds in a traditional, respectful way.

Temple Farm Turkeys are free-range, slow-growing breeds; mainly from the Kelly “Farmgate Hatchery” including the renowned “Kelly Bronze” strain.

They are then reared with care, using only natural cereal-rich foods which do not contain antibiotics or growth promotion additives.

The slow-growing breeds we choose and the way they are raised to full maturity provides a natural fat layer and marbling of the meat. This means your Temple Farm turkey will be easy to cook, offering enhanced flavour and succulence that is not achievable with commercially grown birds.

Large volume commercial producers of turkeys are unable to ‘finish’ their turkeys to the same artisan methods as Temple Farm turkeys.

Ours are dry-plucked and then hung like a game bird for at least seven days to ensure a natural flavour and texture. This means, come Christmas dinnertime, you’ll be enjoying the finest flavoured turkey you could imagine.

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You'll never taste a better Christmas turkey - it's our Promise!