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Label Anglais wins Daily Mail Taste Test, 21st March 2011.
‘This looks really juicy, with nice big wings and very brown leg meat, along with a moist breast. And, wow, it is delicious – it tastes like it had a perfect life. I feel lucky to be eating it. 5/5.’ John Torode, MasterChef.
‘I usually find the breast meat of chicken tasteless, but this is amazingly full-flavoured and so tender. The thigh soft and mild. 5/5.'  Anne Shooter, Amateur cook and mum of two.

"My dormant love affair with chicken has recently been rekindled because I have just rediscovered the bird I once knew … I buy Label Anglais Chicken.” Rose Prince, writing in Vogue Magazine.

“Poached Label Anglais chicken served with braised cos lettuce, delectable gnocchi, baby leeks and morels…was a dish of incredible elegance predicated on a bird with flavour that bats for Britain.” Fay Maschler reviewed Lola’s for her Evening Standard Column.

“Divine, absolutely brilliant, really good old-fashioned flavoursome meat, with that all-important bite to the texture.”  Sue Lawrence, cook and journalist.

“The chicken cooked beautifully. The best we have had for a long time. Good texture, excellent flavour and a pleasure to eat.” Derek Cooper, BBC Radio 4.

“Firm texture, wonderful flavour, altogether a perfect farmyard chicken.” The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4.

“My favourite dish is your British Label Anglais chicken, roasted on the spit in our wood-fired oven, with mashed potatoes.”  Joel Robuchon, The Daily Telegraph, 2007.

“What do the French have that we haven’t? They may have Belon oysters, but we have Whistable natives. They have Roquefort, we have Stilton. They have Bresse chicken, we have Label Anglais.” Terry Durack, BBC Olive Magazine. May 2006, pg 146

“We sell a lot of chickens at Le Cafe Anglais. Poor old Chris Frederick, the besieged producer of Label Anglais chickens, is having a tough time keeping up the supply, as 30 or 40 birds a day are burnished to a rich golden-brown colour on our rotisseries.” Rowley Leigh, Financial Times, Febuary 23 2008, pg 6.

‘Word soon spread and now Mr Ramsay is just one of a number of top chefs on Label Anglais’s books. They Include Michelin-star chef Heston Blumental, Giorgio Locatelli and Luke Matthews, say Mr Frederick. “They all believe that our old ways of production are the right route to the best taste and texture and their interest has had an extraordinary effect on sales”. Chris describes his old fashioned system as “a step back in time, a leap forward in quality”. One of the secrets of the Label Anglais taste is said to be the thin layers of fat just beneath the skin where it permeates the meat during cooking. The deep-set breast produces a long, flat fillet to present a supreme that is ideal for stuffing and rolling. The cooked meat is described as moist with firm texture and with “far more flavour than typical free range or organic birds”. He produces a “special reserve” bird with a greater depth of breast meat, slightly paler and a more delicate flavour and generous quantity of firm, moist leg meat.’ Mike Parker, Poultry World, September 2005, p30.

‘A family farm that has been in operation since 1800’s, specialising in free-range, French farmhouse-style Label Anglais chickens reared on their own farm in Roydon, near Harlow, Essex. The chickens are long-bodied with strong, muscular legs and their meat takes its exceptional flavour and distinctive colour from a natural diet that is rich in maize. ‘Special Reserve’ chickens have a plumper more ‘English’ shape and lighter taste.’  The top 10 birds, The Observer Food Monthly, November 2007. Pg91

‘Exercise gives a muscular, well grained texture to the meat, as well as all that delectable brown meat of the wings and legs. It will also result in well calcified bones that helps make a rich stock, another bonus of the roast chicken. I’m sure you have your favourite but one of mine is Label Anglais. These chickens roam freely from the age of five months and are fed no antibiotics. The flavour and texture are incredible.’ Tom Parker Bowles, Mail on Sunday supplement. 2006

‘Ever since Gordon Ramsay served Label Anglais chicken at Posh & Becks’s World Cup party, the free range bird from Essex have been set to become the menu item of choice at smart restaurant everywhere. A slow glowing breed fed on a high cereal diet, Label Anglais tastes like chicken ought to.’ Leaders of the pack , BBC Olive magazine, January 2007.

‘If you are not feeding the masses at Christmas this year why not think about a roast chicken – and I am not talking about your standard intensively farmed bird – it is Christmas after all. I am talking about a fantastic alternative, which does not come any better than the now famous Label Anglais and Special Reserve chickens from Temple Farm, Roydon, on the Herts/Essex border. These awesome birds have glowing testimonials from the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay, and adorn the menus and cookery books of some of the country’s finest chefs – now that can’t be bad. And reared right on our doorstep it’s as local as it gets. The Label Anglais chicken has been bred and looked after by the Frederick family since 1990. They are pricier than intensively farmed chickens because the way they are reared is more expensive. There are no modern short cuts in the way Frederick raises their chickens. If you haven’t roasted one before, it could just be the best £10 - £12 you will ever spend and a fraction of the cost of a free range turkey. ‘A Tasty alternative to the Christmas Turkey.’ Paul Bloxham, Chef patron for The Tilbury Pub, Datchworth. Hertfordshire Mercury, December 19, 2008. Page 33.

Feast Magazine, Taste test. Pg 9. Issue 119.
‘Easy to cook, very good meat content, packaged to perfection, taste sensation, has to be the ‘best buy breed’ of chicken on the market’ Darren
‘Full flavoured natural and full of goodness. These words sprang to mind after eating the Label Anglais free-range corn fed chicken. I never knew that chickens could differ so much in quality. I don’t think I could enjoy a supermarket bought chicken again after having my taste buds indulged with a chicken of this quality. Quite simply chicken at its prime, superb quality highly impressed.’ Lisa
Based on the corn-fed variety the colouring was how it should be, which was a pleasure to cook with and full of flavour, highly recommended.’ Nick
‘Being on a high protein diet chicken is the preferred meat of choice. This was a whole different eating experience, the fuller flavour was memorable’ Gavin

'When top chefs put chicken on the menu, they turn to a handful of producers whose pampered poultry is top of the pecking order. “They're like good wine compared to plonk," says Chris Frederick, whose Farmyard Chicken Company produces an average of 1,500 birds a week. "Once you're used to it, you appreciate the difference. “Around 90 per cent of Frederick's output goes to top restaurants, including The Waterside Inn and The Fat Duck, two out of the three restaurants in Britain that have been accorded three Michelin stars.' Chicken Supreme, Saturday, 5 June 2004,

“You think you know what a chicken is so going to taste like, but you don’t. It looked like a regular roasted chicken; and tasted like one, too, only unpindownably much more so.” Zoe Williams, commenting on Label Anglais in the Sunday Telegraph supplement 'Stella' . October 2006. pg 81