Chef's Recognition

Le Manoir de Quatre Saisons the home of Raymond Blanc welcomes Label Anglais to their menu.Le Manoir de Quatre Saisons, October 2012

The Royal Festival Hall hosted the fine dining equivalent of a pop-up restaurant "The Cube" on it's roof this summer. Celebrity chefs have been invited for one week slots to produce a seven course feast of signature dishes accompanied by a raft of wines for £215 per head! Michelin two star chef patron Claude Bosi of Mayfair's "Hibiscus" served Label Anglais chicken. Claude Bosi "The Cube" by Electrolux at the Royal Festival Hall, August 2012

Gordon Ramsay's "Ultimate Cookery Course" reaffirms the great chef's liking for Label Anglais chickens. See the Channel 4 Scrapbook link on our homepage.  Gordon Ramsay's "Ultimate Cookery Course" Channel 4, September 2012

‘This looks really juicy, with nice big wings and very brown leg meat, along with a moist breast. And, wow, it is delicious – it tastes like it had a perfect life. I feel lucky to be eating it. 5 star rating’ John Torode, Daily Mail 2011

'Just thought I would let you know, I have subjected your chickens and turkeys to a few different methods of cooking and am astounded by the produce I have been eating over the last few days, I have of course read all your testimonials, so the hype was there, but I am very pleasured to announce from my own perspective that your products live way above the hype.' Alex Wood, Head chef, St Stephens Club, Temple Farm Customer

'It was the best £10 I ever spent. I’ve never tasted a better bird. It’s so exciting to have chicken of this quality on our doorstep. We changed suppliers the next day and now receive three deliveries a week from Temple Farm (home of Label Anglais)' Gordon Ramsay, Weekly Column in the Times, 2007

'For years chefs have considered poulets de Bresse the best chicken in the world, but I’m pleased to say that Chris Fredrick’s Label Anglais knocks the French into a cocked hat. These Essex birds spend at least 80 days scratching away in the hedgerows of Temple Farm near Roydon (the average supermarket chicken is slaughtered at 39 days), resulting in strong, rich meat that tastes the way chicken ought to. They’re not organic, but they are free-range and when you see the care that Chris bestows on them, you know he is a supplier you can trust completely.' Gordon Ramsay, The Times Real Food Guide, 2007. pg6

'Tasting made it clear to me that it was the combination of flavour and texture that was important. The flesh of some of the birds tasted great but was too loose. Label Anglais had neither the strongest flavour nor the densest flesh, but in combination it proved the most satisfying to eat. So Label Anglais was our benchmark.' Heston Blumenthal, In Search of Perfection 2006.

'The texture is wonderful - it also has good flavour. Its quality sings through with every mouthful. It's not really expensive. The trouble is that the chicken we buy in a supermarket is so cheap.' Heston Blumenthal, 5 June 2004,

'They are an old fashioned type, and I can see they have a happy life.' Giorgio Locatelli of Laconda Locatelli.

‘I was very surprised when your parcel arrived at our restaurant, so we have tried your chickens, and I must admit that you are doing a proper job, they are succulent, the taste, the texture, the size, they cooked perfectly in the rotissoire and I think that we might add your product to our menu.  I am so pleased that someone makes a real effort to ensure such a popular livestock is to the highest quality.  Mr Frederick, I hope that one day you will be able to get an AOC like the ‘Poulet de Bresse’.  Joel Gross, Chef Patron "Froggies at Timber Batts"  Wye

'Label Anglias chickens have virtually unlimited space and their living environment is lovely. There is always fresh straw on the ground. Because the birds don't have to walk on their own s**t, they are less susceptible to infection. Ordinary chickens are filled with antibiotics. I've got the Michelin star, so people come in here and suck up to me, but that guy deserves more respect than I do. Cheap meat has been a disaster. When people sell 'convenience food', I ask who is it a convenient for? It's convenient for them to make money. They make us feel guilty about eating an animal ... I may eat chicken just once a week, but it's going to be the best chicken I can get hold of.' Giorgio Locatelli, 5 June 2004,

'You have to be practical and, anyway we didn’t want any poncy food. We just wanted to get great produce, like Label Anglais chicken, for instance, the best you can get, and let that speak for itself with simple, direct flavours.” Rob Kirby, Chef Director at contract caterer Lexington Catering.' Caterer & Hotelkeeper Magazine, 24 April 2008. Page 34.

‘Label Anglais is free-range and looks like chickens used to before they started coming in looking like pyjama cases. There’s some rigidity in them – they’re just a lot better really. You can use the legs to make a nice dish, which you wouldn’t normally be able to do and that’s down to the quality of the meat.’ Simon Haigh, Head chef at Mallory Court, Leamington Spa, The Hotel Magazine Sept/Oct 2006.