Our Turkeys


The third generation of our family is producing the same bird that we started selling locally half a century ago. Subsequently over the past thirty years, our "succulent and tasty" white and bronze feathered free range Christmas turkeys have built a fine reputation in London and the northern home counties. As  members of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association (TFTA), we  only produce top quality "Golden Turkeys" raised in the old fashioned ways like our chickens. 

Temple Farm Turkeys are free-range, slow-growing breeds; mainly from the Kelly "Farmgate Hatchery" including the renowned "Kelly Bronze".They are then reared using only natural foods. Our birds are dry plucked and then hung like a game bird for at least seven days to ensure a natural flavour and texture. This means, come Christmas dinnertime, you'll be enjoying the finest flavoured turkey you could imagine. You'll never taste a better Christmas turkey - it's our Promise!

You can now order and buy our free range Christmas turkeys 2016 online; collect from farm Christmas turkey ; or delivered Christmas turkey for customers  throughout the UK.


What makes our Turkeys taste so good? Why buy a "Temple Farm Free Range Turkey"?

1. We use traditional slow-growing stock which is grown to maturity, 20-26 weeks of age. (Many other turkeys are only about 12 weeks old when they are slaughtered, and the meat hasn't had time to develop a complex taste and fine texture.)

2. Our free range turkeys are raised in the most welfare-friendly environment, following the Code of Practice of the TFTA. They are fed natural foods and never given antibiotics or other additives for growth promotion. Everything is done to ensure they enjoy a stress-free life.

3. They are dry plucked and then game hung for a minimum of seven days. Food experts agree that many types of good meat get even better by being hung, and our free range turkeys are no exception.




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